Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Goddess symbols

Triune/Hair Mythos In Dark Mannerism our latest collections are the merging of the Triquetra and Triple Goddess symbols to create a hybrid deity in the sphere of the multi dimensional earth.

Hair is worn in woven interlocking textures, clean strands and scalp braids as a headstopper on a canopic jar honouring the web like effects of the moon over the earth.

The canopic jars of the Triune are the effigies of the moonchild’s earthwalk with the viscera contained within the canopic jar as they lye entombed deep within the earth held in gaias embrace.

The seers of the previous Yuga foretold a time when the jars of the Triune would be discovered from the necropolis by man. Until that time all that remains is morphic resonance and legend.

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