Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fashion is Great /BFC men Collection

What fashion week in other major cities around the world is launched by HRH Prince of Wales? What a true honour it was to be part of the fashion elite that were invited to be at that launch.

The brands and designers certainly didn't disappoint. The one show that stood out for me just happened to be the first show of the weekend and it set the standard for the following days. Hackett chose the beautiful Royal Opera House to show a collection ,inspired by The Great Gatsby whilst at the same time being very truly British. 
Britain has always been an inspiration with its heritage for tailoring and suits, and although we may not have pulled it off at the football in the the Euros, boy did we show the rest of the fashion weeks how personal tailoring and style can be done.

Black leather HIGH on gothic glamour and rich with suggestion (rebel, vixen, dominatrix...), glossy black leather offers a sleek take on autumn's new decadent air.

 Decorative Day Pack out your diary with the smartest of social engagements because the Spring collections ushered in a new wardrobe of whimsical looks designed for the daylight hours.

Top-Notch Trouser FROM second-skin leathers and cigarette pants to tailored strides and slouchy boyfriend styles, trousers ruled the runway this autumn.

The Power Of  Purple  IT is the colour of luxury and passion, of princely robes and papal vestments, dazzling gems and florid prose. And now it's the reigning colour of the season.

 Terry Richrdson shot Jessica Hart in pour La Victoria's first ad campaign fall.

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