Wednesday, 27 June 2012


  This my latest collection, titled,' Aestheticism' looks at the power of suggestion rather than a statement celebrating the cult of beauty. Throughout the collection life imitates art as sensuality, linking to the Aestheticism manifesto. The collection began by looking at the inter- relationship of beauty in hair, makeup and fashion and I researched heavily into the art movement of the same name.

 I worked with textures, taking inspiration from ropes and nets whilst also looking into Arabic textiles along with local folklore. Exaggerated beauty is the dominant statement in this collection, with the hair reflecting poise and strength. Black clothes resemble divinity found in ancient folklore and legend.  
From the early planning stages to the day of the shoot I worked with my team to manifest my concept of 'Total Beauty' in the pictures created. Set in an Avant Garde aesthetic, the hair transcends structural elegance creating fluid geometry.

 Hair was prepared for the hairpieces with ponytail and scalp plait bases. The pieces were constructed using synthetic hair treated with hairspray creating the nets, twists and basket weave.
"Being a creative & visionary to me implies a constant search and desire to create new frontiers with hair. Being receptive to stimuli all around me means I can create freely using hair as my means of expression. This mindset along with the cohesion of products, hair, clothes and makeup makes Aestheticism a powerful collection.

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