Saturday, 4 February 2012

International Visionary Award Royal Albert Hall

 I was delighted to be part of the show working alongside  Anthony Mascolo creating the hair for the show.   The visionary Award was created by Anthony Mascolo, President of the Alternative Hair Award, to recognise and encourage a new generation of creative and artistic hairdressers. Contestants globally from England, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Italy, France, Japan and Hungary took to London’s Royal Albert Hall stage to present their individual interpretations of  Alternative show theme: “ILLUSION".

Being a visionary to me implies a constant search and desire to create new frontiers with hair. Being receptive to stimuli all around me means I can create freely using hair as my means of expression

Inspired by the Russian painter Kandinsky and his approach to form created by colour, I created my designs based on his techniques. 

You can see the true creativity of the International Visionary Award teams. I’m so proud being part of it.

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